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bycla story


bycla is a small, independent cargo bike company based in Copenhagen that came out as a result of a simple equation:

unique design + innovation + community = bycla

Taking a closer look at the equation, bycla seeks to combine a unique style and an innovative attitude and merge it with a bike built in a community of hard labor, informal vending, strong rooted traditions and quality made hand craftsmanship.  Our goal is to create the perfect storm between the elements of practical design, diverse innovation and community to build upon the relevance of the cargo bicycle in the city.

In Latin America, the word bicla means bicycle. It’s part of the vernacular, and it’s the core of popular culture transcending class and status. It’s a universal expression of social equality accepted and understood by all.

In Denmark, the word by means city, yet it also represents and describes a way of living and an attitude towards public space. The Copenhagenization mindset demonstrates this clearly when contrasting the average bike friendly city in Denmark to just about any other city in the world. It is in this sense, we embrace by.

By blending semantics and metaphors of by and bicla, bycla emerges, with the desire to bring out the best qualities of both. bycla is about the versatility of a wireframe structure and the creativity of its users. It’s about what we can give back to the city.
It’s not really about commuting on a bike, but more about biking as a community.